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Publications and Web Resources

Drip-Irrigation - Clemson Extension

Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Production

Drip Irrigation Systems for Small Conventional Vegetable Farms and Organic Vegetable Farms - University of Florida

Drip or Trickle Irrigation Systems: An Outline of Components

Irrigation - Clemson Extension

Irrigation: Vegetable Resources - Texas A&M Extension

NRCS USDA Irrigation

Irrigation: Text

Water Testing

Aquatic Analytics

1180 Drop Off Drive, Summerville, SC 29483

843-471-1933 (fax) 843-471-1934

Products/Services: Water sample testing services

Charleston Water System

103 St. Philip Street, Charleston, SC 29403 (Downtown)

6296 Rivers Ave., Charleston, SC 29418 (North Charleston)



Products/Services: Water quality testing

Clemson University - Agricultural Services Laboratory

171 Old Cherry Road, Clemson, SC 29634

864-656-2068 (fax) 864-656-2069


Products/Services: soil analysis, plant analysis, feed and forage analysis, irrigation analysis, manure analysis, compost analysis, other analyses. Samples may be submitted through the County Extension Offices or directly to the lab. Each extension office has the supplies needed for submitting samples.

General Engineering Laboratories

2040 Savage Road, Charleston, SC 29407

843-556-8171 (fax) 843-766-1178


Products/Services: Comprehensive analytical monitoring and testing services

GS2 Engineering

4301 Dorchester Road, North Charleston, SC 29405

843-225-3031 (fax) 844-699-7911

Products/Services: Water testing and treatment services

JP Anderson Well & Pump, LLC.

6956 Savannah Hwy, Ravenel, SC 29470


Products/Services: Water testing, water well drilling and water pump systems

The Lake Doctors

120 Pidgeon Bay Road Unit D, Summerville, SC 29483

843-873-1912 (fax) 843-873-1912


Products/Services: Water quality testing

SC DHEC Well Water Quality Testing

2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201

803-898-DHEC (3432)

Products/Services: Analytical testing of water from residential wells

Trident Labs Services, Inc.

9104 Canvas Lane, Ladson, SC 29456

843-871-4999 (fax) 843-875-2266


Products/Services: Soil testing, waste water testing, water consulting

Irrigation: Text

Well Drilling

Anderson Well Drilling, LLC.

843-889-8144 Products/Services: Deep water well drilling, reverse osmosis water systems

Howard Water Systems

843-559-5311 (fax) 843-559-7840 Products/Services: Water well drilling and treatment services

JP Anderson Well & Pump, LLC.

6956 Savannah Hwy, Ravenel, SC 29470

843-889-8675 Products/Services: Water testing, water well drilling and water pump systems

Pure Water Drillers, Inc.

PO Box 2080, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465


Contact: Products/Services: Water well drilling, irrigation drilling, geothermal loop installation

Wolfe & Britt Well Drilling and Pump Repair

322 East Main St., Harleyville, SC 29448

843-462-2141 Products/Services: Well drilling and service, pump and well packages, boom truck with operator, pump maintenance and repair

Irrigation: Text

Drip Irrigation, Equipment and Supplies

Berry Hill Irrigation

3744 US-58, Buffalo Junction, VA 24529

434-374-5555 (fax) 434-374-0131 Products/Services: Micro-irrigation supplies

DripWorks, Inc.

190 Sanhedrin Circle, Willits, CA 95490


Contact: Products/Services: Drip irrigation supplies for home gardeners, landscapers, farmers

Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery

3244 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol, CA 95472

707-823-9125 Products/Services: Organic fertilizers, amendments enhancers; seeds; irrigation; tools and supplies

Seven Springs Farm

426 Jerry Lane NE Check, VA 24072

540-651-3228 Products/Services: Basic dripline system, emitters, sprinklers, fittings, filters, valves, pressure regulators, fertigation supplies, controllers, tubing, and more. Can design and supply your irrigation system

Tractor Supply Company


Contact: Products/Services: National supplier of products to farm, ranch, and rural customers

WP Law, Inc.

3636 Belvedere Rd., John’s Island, SC 29455

803-461-0599 (fax) 803-461-0598 Products/Services: Complete custom design for agricultural conventional and drip irrigation equipment

Irrigation: Text
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