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The following list of agencies and organizations offer certifications in:

  • American Grassfed

  • Animal Welfare Approved

  • Certified Humane Raised and Handled

  • Certified Naturally Grown

  • Certified SC Grown

  • Organic



A Bee Organic (ABO)

40707 Daily Road, De Luz, CA 92028


NOP Certificate and Accreditation Documents. To support growing organic awareness, A Bee Organic has made a dedicated effort to ensure the humane treatment of clients by reviewing all forms to reduce repetition, get the most complete information and allow for accurate inspections and reviews. To ensure friendly personalized service, clients are assigned an ABO Tracker as a contact person should there be questions about application, certification or billing status. Also innovative is the ABO fee schedule which was purposefully structured to keep costs low and support our clients who are thorough, responsive and compliant.


Accredited Certifiers Association, INC

PO Box 472, Port Crane, NY 13833



A non-profit educational organization offering resources to the USDA accredited organic certifier community and the organic industry.


Animal Welfare Approved

1007 Queen Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

202-546-5292 (fax) 202-446-2151


The AWA accreditation program is a free, nonprofit endorsement for meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products. AWA farmers raise their animals with the highest welfare standards, on pastures or range. If you are part of the program, you may also be eligible for the Good Husbandry Grant Program, which accepts grant proposal for up to $10,000 to improve farm animal welfare.


Certified Naturally Grown

PO Box 156, Stone Ridge, NY 12484



A national certification program for direct-market farmers using natural methods. Certification involves an online application, adherence to high standards, and annual on-farm peer-review inspections. CNG is a grassroots nonprofit, not affiliated with any government agency.


Certified Roadside Market Program

Certification program requires roadside markets meet certain standards ensuring the are reputable and offer a good supply of South Carolina farm products.


Certified SC Grown

An effort among producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, and the SCDA to brand and promote South Carolina products. All farm producers, food manufacturers, specialty food producers, packing facilities, and others engaged in the production or manufacture of agriculture products in SC are eligible to apply.


Certified SC Seafood

SC Department of Agriculture

P.O. Box 11280 Columbia, SC 29211


Certified SC Grown's program expanded to included seafood. In collaboration with the SC Department of Natural Resources, the SC Seafood Alliance, and the SC Department of Agriculture, the Certified SC Seafood logo can be used by approved Licensed Wholesale Dealers, Distributors, Retailers, Shellfish Mariculture Permit Holders, and Aquaculture Permit Holders on seafood products grown or landed in South Carolina. Free to join.


Clemson GAP Certification

2 Wesleyan Dr Pelzer, SC 29669

Good Agricultural Practices are aimed at minimizing or preventing potential contamination of food caused by the producer.


Department of Plant and Industry, Clemson University (DPI)

511 Westinghouse Road, Pendleton, SC 29670

Clemson-DPI provides assurance programs for the fertilizer, seed and turf industries, and protects South Carolina's agricultural resources and natural ecosystems from the introduction and spread of plant and honey bee pests and invasive species. It also certifies organic operations in the three major categories of certification: crops, wild crops, livestock and processing. NOP Certificate and Accreditation Documents Plant Pest Detection and Nursery Certification Programs:

o Nursery and Dealer Licensing Program

o Invasive and Exotic Species Program

o Plant Problem Clinic

o Molecular Plant Pathogen Detection Lab

o Honey Bee Program

Fertilizer and Seed Certification


o Fertilizer Inspection Program

o Seed Certification Services

o Turf Certification


Ecocert ICO LLC

70 E Main Street Suite B, Greenwood, IN 46143



Ecocert ICO is accredited under the USDA National Organic Program offering certification across the US. Additionally, offering fair trade, gluten-free, food safety certification programs and more.


Georgia Crop Improvement Association (GCIA)

2425 South Milledge Avenue, Athens, GA 30605


NOP Certificate and Accreditation Documents. The Georgia Crop Improvement Association is an organization of seed producers who are interested in growing and making available to the public, through certification, high quality seeds and propagating materials of superior varieties so grown and distributed as to insure genetic purity and identity.


Organic Certifiers, Inc (OC)

6500 Casitas Pass Rd, Ventura, CA 93001


NOP Certificate and Accreditation Documents. Organic Certifiers is committed to working with organic producers dedicated to providing consumers with certified organic products. OC takes pride in providing reliable, efficient and cost effective certification services for clients of all sizes– from the small grower to internationally recognized business entities.


Quality Assurance International (QAI)

9191 Towne Center Drive Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92122


NOP Certificate and Accreditation Documents. QAI is a leading USDA-accredited organic product certifying agency. QAI is committed to ensuring organic integrity at every link in the organic production chain and providing excellent customer service, domestically and internationally.


Quality Certification Services (QCS)

Mailing Address: PO Box 12311 Gainesville, FL 32609

Physical Address: 1810 NW 6th St Suite F, Gainesville, FL 32609


NOP Certificate and Accreditation Documents. QCS is a USDA and ISO Guide 65 accredited certification program that offers a wide array of certification options or farming, livestock, packing, handling, processing, and wild harvest operations. QCS serves clients in 37 states and 11 countries, meeting the needs of operations regardless of type, location, or size on the ever-expanding worldwide market. They are committed to meeting the unique needs of your business in a timely manner.

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